Sunday, May 4, 2014

Facebook Statuses

I don't have time anymore to write like I would like but this has been on my heart the past few days and just wanted to share! I almost wrote a facebook status the other day that went something like this: "Woke up and went for a 7 mile run with my babies, went strawberry picking and flower shopping, & enjoyed a nice lunch with my Copelyn." Until I realized who was I kidding!? Yes all those things did happen and it was quite a wonderful day but my facebook status was making my day seem a whole lot less chaotic than reality. So for your enjoyment I will spell out my day for you! At about 6 am Copelyn came running into our room ready to start her day. She didn't get the memo that mommy had just worked two 12 hour shifts and I just needed one more hour! Who am I kidding anyways!? Baby girl is ready to go when she is ready to go. So I hop out of bed to start the day. I put on my running clothes in anticipation that at some point I will get a run in who knows when that will be though BUT if I have on my clothes maybe at some point I can just start running and the kids will let me run for at least 3 miles just maybe! Around 9 am I decided to just go for it! I loaded both kiddos into the jogging stroller and we were off. The first mile Copelyn cried that she wanted to go home and Brooks fell asleep! Mile 2 Copelyn kept throwing things out of the stroller and we would have to stop to pick them up. Great leg and butt workout people! Finally mile 3 Copelyn fell asleep too! So I got the last 4 miles in! We got home and got ready for the day. I jumped into the shower as Copelyn was hollering from the bedroom that she had stinky pants. Showers these days contain no privacy! I thought to myself Ok I am not being a bad mom by letting her sit for just a sec while I shave my bear legs and wash my hair! I got ready fast and headed down the stairs with the babies! Copelyn decided she wanted to slide down the stairs on her hiney. Sounds fun...sure Copelyn go ahead! We get to the bottom step and I turn around just for a second when I realized oh yeah she had stinky pants and staring at me now is a glob of poop on every stair. Oh that should be fun to clean up! After I was done scrubbing the stairs we finally got out of the house! Next stop...strawberry picking. You see I have mom guilt lots of days. Since I am a working mommy I feel this obligation inside of me to do fun things all the time on my off days! While I love it so much our off days are jammed pack with fun activities most days! We get to strawberry picking and Copelyn has a ball helping me pick out a gallon of berries. We start walking to pay and she decides she needs to hold the container. Probably not my smartest mom move...but hey why not!? Next thing I know all of our strawberries are all over the ground. Have you ever played 52 card pickup!? Ok well imagine that with strawberries....much much worse! Next stop...was Target real quick to get some baby shower materials! Copelyn asked while we were in the check out line if she could have a necklace. I told her no because she was already getting a toy. As we are walking out and the buzzers go off I look down in Copelyn's little bag and low & behold my 2 year old had stolen the necklace. Oh boy....I turn around and walk to the register to apologize and pay for the stolen necklace. I should have just gone home here but I had a few more things to accomplish. As we are driving to the flower shop I realize it is 2pm and we haven't eaten lunch. Best Mom Award goes to me! lol. Well, of course the only thing on the way really with a drive-thru is McDonalds. Ugh! I hate McDonalds! So we stop through the drive-thru and Copelyn & I enjoy (well if you can call it enjoy) lunch in the car while Brooksie sleeps! Last stop is the flower store. We get there and I realize quickly I can't possibly push a stroller, hold a 2 year old, and push a cart for flowers. So what else is a girl to do but to ask some random old man stranger shopping the bird seed if he would mind helping me for 10 minutes! He agreed and hey he got a $5.00 tip! We finally get home in one piece. I am pooped so pooped at this point. I just want to sleep but wait a minute mommies don't sleep! But that is ok. Because I am so grateful for this chaotic, crazy day!It is so easy to let the little moments go by without expressing thanks to God for each and every blessing. Our day was a little stressful but it was oh so fun. We laughed so hard and my kids teach me so much about life each and every day. I never know what is next and they always keep me on my toes. So I pray that today you can be thankful. Be thankful for the precious moments. Be thankful for the mess. Be thankful that you serve a God who loves you! I don't know your situation and I don't know what circumstances you are walking through right now. But I do know we serve a faithful God and he will walk with you through any situation. 1 Thessialonians 5:16-18 Be joyful always, pray continually,Give thanks in all circumstances for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.

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  1. LAUREN, You're Awesome!! I love you!! Thank you so much for sharing, I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard so quietly since everyone in my house is sleeping! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how REAL you are!!! HUGS!!!